Top 5 Acoustic Ceiling Providers for the UK Market (2024)

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The architectural landscape is continually evolving, with acoustics playing a pivotal role in the design and functionality of modern spaces. In 2024, the focus on sustainable and high-performance acoustic solutions is more pronounced than ever. To assist industry professionals and consumers in making informed decisions, we’ve conducted a comprehensive evaluation to determine the Top 5 acoustic ceiling providers for the UK market.

Top 5 Acoustic Ceiling Providers


Our assessment scrutinised a variety of manufacturers across multiple metrics to give us our list of top 5 acoustic ceiling providers for the UK market, these include: product range, proximity to the UK, acoustic performance, information availability, recyclability, embodied carbon, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), customisability, and their contribution to the UK economy. Each criterion was scored, reflecting its importance and impact.

The Elite Five

Based on our scoring system, from a total possible score of 90, we have identified the our top 5 acoustic ceiling providers. These companies have demonstrated excellence not only in product quality but also in environmental stewardship and local economic support.

1. SAS International (our top acoustic ceiling provider!)

Total Score: 64

Manufacturing with an unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability, SAS International stands out as a leading building products manufacturer. Their production prowess spans durable and aesthetic interior fit-outs, including Metal Ceilings, Architectural Metalwork, Room Comfort solutions, and Fully Bespoke Interior Solutions. Operating from three state-of-the-art UK-based factories, SAS International embodies British manufacturing excellence, emphasising minimal environmental impact, reflected in their ISO accreditations. The company’s robust sustainability measures and ‘SAS Horizon’ programme demonstrate their commitment to significantly lowering embodied carbon in products, solidifying their top rank.


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2. Ecophon

Total Score: 62

In joint second place in our list of the top 5 acoustic ceiling providers for the UK market is Ecophon, part of the global Saint-Gobain Group, excels in enhancing wellbeing and performance through acoustic solutions that are as conscientious as they are effective. With business units across 20 countries, they offer comprehensive acoustic knowledge and surfaces developed for varied environments. Their journey towards net-zero acoustics is marked by initiatives like SoundCircularity and a commitment to low emission products and production. Ecophon’s approach to sustainability encompasses transparent reporting and active contributions to circular economy models, aiming to become the first net-zero carbon acoustic solutions manufacturer.


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2. Oscar Acoustics

Total Score: 62

In joint second place, since its inception in 1978, Oscar Acoustics has evolved from a specialist engineering firm to an industry leader in architectural acoustic finishes in Great Britain. Their SonaSpray range revolutionised the market with its environmentally-friendly credentials and contribution to sustainable design. With Net Zero emissions goals for 2050 and a portfolio that emphasises the reuse and recycling of materials, Oscar Acoustics continues to shape the industry. Their products are designed for a sustainable future, earning them a shared second place in our rankings.


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4. Baux

Total Score: 61

BAUX, hailing from Sweden, has woven sustainability into the very fabric of its existence. Striving for climate neutrality, BAUX’s products are manufactured in facilities running predominantly on renewable energy. Their Acoustic Wood Wool products boast FSC and PEFCTM certification, underscoring a commitment to responsible forestry operations. Not only are the raw materials sustainable, but the company’s manufacturing processes also aim to minimise CO2 emissions. BAUX’s vision and mission encapsulate an active role in supporting a sustainable built environment, aligning perfectly with today’s green-conscious market. Baux comes 4th in our list of the top 5 acoustic ceiling providers for the UK market.  


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5. Acoufelt

Total Score: 57

Acoufelt’s philosophy of ‘Making Quiet by design’ integrates innovative textile manufacturing with holistic soundscaping solutions puts it in 5th place in our list of the top 5 acoustic ceiling providers for the UK market. They lead with a global design talent that emphasises environmental sustainability, wellness, and safety. Acoufelt’s approach—spanning Leading Quiet to Simplifying Quiet—results in products that enhance productivity and mental health, contributing to the creation of spaces that are both acoustically and aesthetically pleasing. With decades of manufacturing expertise and a commitment to operational sustainability, Acoufelt’s forward-thinking strategies ensure they remain a top contender in the acoustic solutions industry.


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Concluding the Top 5 Acoustic Ceiling Providers for 2024

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The excellence of these top five providers is not limited to their high-quality products but extends to their sustainable manufacturing processes, responsible resource use, and economic contributions. They are not just selling acoustic solutions; they are providing pathways to a quieter, more sustainable future for both people and the planet.

For those who seek to balance acoustic performance with sustainability, these companies offer not just products but a partnership in realising a vision for better-built environments.

Note: these are our opinions based on a specific set of assessment criteria only. We are not affiliated with any of the organisations mentioned in this article. 

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