Our mission is to deliver acoustic solutions that cater to the needs of each project and client. With a blend of technical excellence and a deep understanding of acoustic challenges, we are dedicated to quality and excellence.


From the initial consultation to the final implementation, our team of seasoned acoustic consultants offers a wide range of services designed to address noise, vibration, and acoustic issues across various sectors. Whether you’re tackling the acoustics of a new-build project, needing comprehensive noise assessments for an existing structure, or seeking advice on vibration mitigation, Heyda is here to guide you through every step of the process.

Environmental Acoustics

Our consultancy covers diverse environmental noise concerns, providing the measurement and assessment of noise sources such as roads, railways, building services, events and more. Rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities of environmental acoustics, providing insights and strategies tailored to the UK context.

Noise Surveys and Impact Assessments

We assess noise from sources such as traffic (road, rail and air) and/or plant noise (building services, industry, HVAC, and its impact on a proposed development, or on the surrounding area at nearby sensitive properties. These assessments are often required in support of planning applications, to address planning applications, or as part of the detailed acoustic design of developments in certain sectors. 


In accordance with ProPG, BS 8233 and WHO guidelines, accounting for Building Regulation ADO requirements.

Plant, Logistics, Commercial

In accordance with BS 4142 to achieve compliance with Local Authority requirements.


In accordance with BS 5228 and applicable to Section 61 Prior Consent Applications.


Road Traffic

In accordance with DMRB LA 111 using the CRTN methodology.


Sports and Leisure

In accordance with guidance such as the Sports England Artificial Grass Pitches Acoustics Guide.

Pubs and Clubs

In accordance with Local Authority guidance, best practice and considering the Agent of Change.

Water Facilities

In accordance with BS 4142 to achieve compliance with Local Authority requirements.


Renewable Energy

Wind in accordance with ETSU-R-97 and Solar & Battery Storage (BESS) in accordance with BS 4142.

Data Centres

Building Acoustics

We provide building acoustic design advice including design, measurement, specification, simulation, and testing of materials, construction, and designs. 


Our expertise is dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the acoustic aspects of architectural spaces.

Building Acoustic Design and Testing

We provide acoustic design and testing services for many different development types, including residential, education, healthcare, commercial, data centres, studios, venues, museums and more. These assessments are often required as part of the regulatory process, to achieve credits in a BREEAM, LEED or WELL assessment, or to align with Employer’s requirements or expectations. 

Sports and Leisure​

In accordance with Sports EnglandBS 8233, Building Bulletin 93 and other relevant guidance.

Music Studios

In accordance with BBC, BS 8233 and other best practice guidance.


Data Centres

In accordance with British Council for Offices guidelines, and BREEAM/WELL/LEED credit requirements.


Our expertise covers advice on controlling vibration and ground-borne noise from railways, light rail, and underground trains. We also specialize in providing vibration advice and modelling for specialist equipment and laboratories. Rely on our proficiency for tailored insights and solutions to meet a variety of vibration-related challenges.

Vibration Measurement, Assessment and Design

Our services include vibration measurement, assessment, and design, catering to a diverse range of development types such as residential, commercial, life sciences, specialist laboratories, industrial, and logistics sectors. These services are particularly crucial when a development is situated near vibration sources like underground or overground train lines. They are also essential for projects involving highly vibration-sensitive equipment or developments that include machinery generating significant vibration levels.

Human Perception

In accordance with BS 6472 to determine the suitability of vibration levels in different environments.

Building Isolation

Design guidance and support on building isolation measures including elstomeric and spring bearing systems.

Plant and Equipment Isolation

In accordance with CIBSE guide B4 and other best practice guidance.

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